Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a special city in the Earth. It is not a county. But it is in China (the border). It is an island at the mouth of the Pearl River, on the south eastern coast of China. And it is the most flourishing. Many of the foreign country come to Hong Kong for work or travel. It is a shopping Elysium in the earth. There have every place things in there.
It also has seven million people in Hong Kong but it has not enough places to live and not enough works to do.
Land Use
Most of the place in Hong Kong use to building the apartment and shopping centre. But a apartment which use the most places is the airport. The storms are the minimum material.

Hong Kong weather is very strange. It is unsteady. Every year is different. In summer, it is hot and it is a rainstorm season. So if the people who is not live in a apartment. Their house will all get wet because it will have inundation.
The environment in Hong Kong are destroy because the people undermines felling and soil of several hundred years. And they haven’t stop it.
In Hong Kong there have over 250 species. And now, Hong Kong is staying to clear and to keep the great universe. And it is smoothly now.

My reflections
I think Hong Kong is not so good for people because it’s not so health. The people in Hong Kong are always staying inside to play computer games or work with the computer. They just do a little sport so they have not enough sports. And also no place to play it because Hong Kong is too small but it has seven million people. A great quantity no place are use to build the apartments or big building. So I think the people must have more place to do sports, it is not heavy with them.

Kensuke Okamura
Book Review –The Thirty-Nine Steps
If a stranger call on you and ask for help, what can you do for the stranger? And then if the stranger is a very dangerous person and brings dangers to you, what would you do to escape it?
A man fell into the aforementioned situation. His name was Richard Hnnay. He was thirty-seven years old. He was born in Scotland, after that he grew up in Africa and worked there for twenty years. And then, in March 1914, he returned to Britain for rest of his life.
It was five months before the First World War. A man with a brown beard and small blue eyes called on Richard. The man gave his name Franklin P. Scudder. He came to Europe to work for an American newspaper. He learned several languages, and he found out about German plans for the war. So a group of German spies were looking for him to kill him. At first Richard couldn’t believe his story. Finally he permitted the man to stay in his flat in London. He didn’t yet know that this event made his life harder.
Several days later, when Richard returned from dinner with his friend, Scudder had been killed. Richard thought that the group of the German spies wanted to kill him because they thought that he probably knew their secrets. He was afraid of them. He decided to go to Scotland and take over Scudder’s work. The next morning, he found Scudder’s note, and then he left his flat.
After that, he was falsely accused of Scudder’s death. So he had to run away from the German spies and the police. He was able to run away in cooperation with his well-wishers. But he stumbled into a German spy’s airfield without knowing it, and he got himself into a fix. He coped with it, and escaped from the airfield. And then he went and saw Sir Walter who was one of his well-wishers.
In the night when he saw Sir Walter, six men, except Richard, had meeting about German spies and war. But one of the German spies was with the men. Only Richard was able to notice this. So they needed to change their plan for arresting the German spies. They tried to decipher Sucdder’s code. They thought that the German spies had to be on-board a ship to go back to Germany and would need a small port or a piece of open coast. They supposed that a house by the sea was the German spy’s hiding place. There were four people who looked like German spies in the house. But Richard couldn’t believe firmly. Because they were clearly Englishmen. So Richard went to the house to ascertain alone…
I think that this book’s reader needs knowledge of Europe and war. Of course it is not a problem if you don’t have knowledge. But if you are a well-informed, you will be able to enjoy reading this book. This book is not very difficult to read. But it need a lot of time that a beginner read this book. Because this book has 80 pages long.
The Thirty-Nine Steps was written by John Buchan in 1915 during the terrible war (the Great War or the First World War). And then Alfred Hitchcock chose the book for the film of the same name. The film was made in 1935.
I have a few doubts. First, why did German spies confine Richard in the room where dynamite was put? Second, why did German spies look like Englishmen? Perhaps I overlooked the sentences that the reasons are written. And then I was confused because there are a lot of people in this book. But I think that this book is interesting and exciting.


This morning we watch Jurassic park to day we watch movie tomorrow we will watch movie too because tomorrow the activity is watch movie too!! I don’t know tomorrow the movie is good or bad, but to day this movie is so so because this movie I was watch many times and this movie is very old but anyway I will talk this movie. This movie is tail about dinosaurs.


This book name is “the Red Pony”. It retold by Nancy Taylor and the Series Editors are Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter. It is published and distributed by Pearson Education Limited.

The story content is about a boy who lives in a farm, his name is Jody. He always works on the farm after school. One day, he has a special thing in his live. His father and his father and Bill give him a red pony. They say that this pony is his and he must look after it and take care it. He does it very well. But one day, the pony is sick and not long after, it is dead. Jody is very say and unhappy. After that, his father and his father friend know that he is good to the pony so they want him to work with the horse and give him a new pony. Jody doesn’t believe what he has heard. But he still agrees to work with the horse. He teaches and takes care for the pony but unfortunately it also died. Jody just feel unsay and lose. But his father don’t care about that, they think people must have lose so they can grow up. Jody has many of the say and unhappily things in his life but he also learns many things too.

I think it is a good look for me because those words in this book are not so difficult for me so I can get what this book meant. And I can learn come new words like stallion and ranch. And it is funny and interesting (sometime). Out of some of the pages are not so clear. But I think it is just my problem. Anyway this book is good for student like me (because I never read English book since I come to Australia).

“Jurassic Park 1”

Date; 19th October 2006
Name; Ikumi Tsugawa

Movie review “Jurassic Park 1”

I would like to write movie review about Jurassic Park 1.
John Hammond was an old man. He made dinosaurs. He removed dinosaur’s DNA from mosquitoes in the amber. The mosquitoes were living million years ago, when dinosaurs alive the age. So the mosquitoes sucked the dinosaur’s blood. And they were locked in tree sap. Then he found them in the amber and used the DNA in the blood.
He made the theme park for dinosaurs. The park’s name was “Jurassic Park”. Alen Grant and Ellie were main character. They were scientist of dinosaurs John invited them to advertise the theme park. They went to the tour of Jurassic Park with John’s grand children, Lexy and Tim. They hankered for dinosaurs very much. So they were very happy to see dinosaurs. But John’s son, Lex and Tim’s uncle tried to steal the sample of dinosaur’s DNA and stopped security system. Then they ware attacked by dinosaurs.
I liked the movie. The music was wonderful. I liked the music very much. The theme song was noble and beautiful. I really like it. I loved the trumpet sounds. The movie was a funny and exciting movie. I laughed sometimes. And I under stood some jokes. It was good.
But the story was impossible. I thought that dinosaurs were not so clever. I heard dinosaur’s brain is very small on television. So dinosaurs were stupid. However in the movie, the dinosaurs opened a door with their hand. It was like monkey. It was too clever for dinosaurs. And the dinosaurs didn’t notice people. They were in front of the dinosaur. I thought that real dinosaurs usually notice that because they have smell. It was inconceivable. However I like watching stupid movie and talking about the stupid things with someone. It’s interesting for me. So I recommended to you watching the movie if you liked funny or stupid movie. But I don’t recommended if you wanted wonderful and perfect movie. However I didn’t want to watch the movie to pay some money. I wanted to watch on TV or rental video. I thought that it’s better way to watch the movie.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How the weather effect my mood?
I like a sunny day. It makes me happy and fine. I like a rainy day, too. It makes me calm and peaceful. I dislike a cloudy day. I think that it’s a halfway weather. I liked cloudy day when I was in Japan because it was comfortable for me. However in Australia, they don’t have enough rain. So they don’t have much water. It’s a big problem to live. So they hope lots of rain. I hope so, too. Recently, we’ve been having cloudy days. My host family and my friends said “It might be rain.” They hoped so very much. Of course, I hoped so, too.
The sky looked like it should be rain. However it hasn’t rained yet. I was frustrated with that. It’s cloudy today, too. I feel impatient. So I’m tired and sleepy. I don’t like cloudy day. I really hope that it’ll be rainy day tomorrow.

Name: ray

Date: 18-10-06

Every year has four seasons; they are spring, summer, autumn and winter. Summer and winter are the longest seasons of the year. I think all of the season also have merit and defect.
Spring is the season that I most dislike. Although flowers bloom and it is warm, it is damp weather and there are many insect so it is makes me restless.

Summer makes me pace up and down in like and dislike. I can always swim in summer, this is a merit. But I hate sultry weather. It has insects; summer has many more insects than spring. I most hate insect and hot weather. So sometimes summer will make me crazy.

Autumn is a good season, although it is dry, but I don’t care about, dry weather doea not affects my mood.

Winter is my favourite season; it is cool and no rain. It has no insect again. When winter is come, I will very happy, because I like wear winter clothes.

By King

5 years later. I would like to finish high school and go back to Hong Kong to start my university. The first year I would like to finish UIL in half a year.

I will start my high school life. I hope I can have a good start and I am in year 9 I wish is not very difficult and I can back to Hong Kong for a few weeks on march in the first break of my high school. I also hope I can get a notebook. Next year I want my results to be better than when I in Hong Kong. After that I think I can finish year 10 and year 11. When I in year 12. I really have to work hard and study more. I hope I can get a good result as when I go back to Hong Kong I can study in university.

By Mars

Last Friday I went to my high-school the name is “Scots PGC College” it’s in the Warwick Queensland Australia. This school has Boarding, junior school, Middle school and senior school. Next year I will go to year 9 in April, so this time I go to year 9 too. Originally next year I will go to year 10 but my mother say year 10 would be difficult for me so next year I will go to year9.

I like this school, but I don’t like the lodging house. Because I think in lodging house the life looks-like in the jail because they specify what time you must go to bed what time you must sport what time you must study what time you must get-up. I think the lodging Master is very scathing for other student but he was considerate, generous and polite to me because I’m a new student. But next year I don’t know. I hate life when you must listen to other people!!!!!

Where would you like to be in life in 5 years time?

I hope to study about child care in junior college and I graduate in 2009. Then I want to go to dance technical college and I graduate in 2011. So I hope I want to be dancer but if I have nursery school teacher’s qualification I think I want to be it. But I want to be dancer first because when I was twelve years old I thought that I have a dream of becoming a dancer. So in dance technical college I learn many kinds of dance and I want to study abroad in America.

How the weather affects your mood!

I like sunny very much because if I see the sun will make me feel have a new day start. If the weather was sunny the air will more fresh. Many people like sunny because if the weather was good people can going to picnic, ride bicycle, swimming, there are lot of different amusement and activity.

I also enjoy my activity day because go to school study is very tired in activity day I can get some more relax. The sun also can make plant grow healthy; the plant can make the air fresh then people will more healthy too.

I don’t like rainy days, because it must very windy. In windy day most people look like crazy including me too because the strong wind will blow people’s hair becomes very disorderly. Sometime the rain was strong, and students can’t go to school or want take the umbrella, I don’t like taking an umbrella because I think it was very troublesome.

Sometime rainy day will make me feel sad, because when I been a little girl, my father always in rainy day bought me some chocolates because he knew me afraid the thunder, but now my father has passed away so I hate rainy days. I hope every day is sunny day.

Where would you like to be in life in 5 years time?

I would like to write about my future plans.
I am 15 years old and in the first year in high school. My intention was to study abroad in Australia when I decided to enter this high school. Then I will stay here for two years. After I will return to Japan in the third year in high school, I will study as hard as now or harder than now because I will become preparatory student. I think it is short in study none the less, so I would like to go to preparatory school for university entrance examination for a year. After that, I will be happy if I can enter a university. I would like to study hard and understand a lot of things there. As the first step to do them, I would like to try my best now.
By Rei


The weather affects me in very big ways. I have evidence to say that. Once I went to play tennis and it was cloudy. I couldn’t play well just like I am so tired. I can’t move quickly so I miss many balls. But next lesson the weather is good so I can do it well.
I hate cloudy but it is not rain. Because it make people feel frost and sultry. It makes people always angry. Also it will make students not want to study, and teachers don’t want to teach (some teacher exception).
And also the weather will make people fell asleep. You know that if it is cloudy in the morning, you don’t want to get up early. Even you go to bed early.
Anyway in spring, summer, autumn or winter, the weather effects people very big. So I just like sunny weather (but not too shine). I really hate the frosty and sultry weather.

Where would you like to be in life in 5 years time?

I don’t know where I’d like to be in life in 5 years. But I want to be a hotel manager; if I can I want to work at a hotel in a foreign country. Even If I can’t work at hotel in a foreign country I might work as a hotel manager in Japan. But I’d like to live in Japan finally because Japan is my native country.

Anyway when I went to Hawaii I stayed at gorgeous hotel then. So I’m simple person. The reason I want to work at gorgeous hotel as I want to be in place with gorgeous atmosphere. My dream is still hotel manager so I’m going to be hotel manager. I’m studying English here and I entered to Clark high school for study English in Australia. That’s so I can be a hotel manager. Because I thought hotel manager needs English. So that’s why I’m in Australia. And I’m going to university to study more English in Japan. My parents say “If you want to go to university foreign country, you can go.” But I want to go to university in Japan.

North Korea

Some time ago, the nuclear test was experimented by North Korea. It has been decided that most country will apply economic sanctions against North Korea. But from what I hear, military actions won’t be doing.
A nuclear weapon can transform the war situation into advantage. It’s the most important weapon for war. I can understand the reason that North Korea wants a nuclear weapon. Because it also makes economic conditions advantageous.
Japan is the only country where is stuck by nuclear attack. So it has known the terror of the nuclear weapon. Japan doesn’t have a nuclear weapon and prohibit it. Even if most people said that Japan should have a nuclear weapon, I don’t think so. Of course if we have a nuclear weapon, we will be able to be of high social standing in the world. But I think it’s not right.
If nuclear war is broken out, the world will come to an end.
By Kensuke

Thursday, October 12, 2006

i'm Samantha

I got a cat when I was 12 years old. One day after school, my father bought a cat back home. However I didn’t know the breed of my pet. My cat is called Mimi. She has beautiful black eyes and golden fur. It likes sleeping in the sunshine because it loves the feel of the sun on its skin. Everyday when I get home, Mimi will always stand in front of me and ask to me to hold her in my arms. When I have free time, I usually play with Mimi.

I'm Ikuno

I would like to write about Australia.
I think Australia is very good country because Australia has a rich natural environment and beautiful sky and the people are very kind and everybody likes a party. Every weeks my host family is invited to some party by their friends and sometime my host family has a party. I think Australian people like being happy.

Every night I ca see a star filled sky. It is more beautiful than Tokyo's. So I am staying in Australia and I can study English so I’m very happy.

I'm Ikumi

Date; 12th October 2006
Name; Ikumi Tsugawa

My host brother

I would like to write about my host brother. He is 13 months old. He is very clever. He can say many words. He’s been trying to learn lots of words. He calls lights and the moon “ball”. And he calls trees “flower”. It’s very funny. My host mother and I teach the correct names every time. Then he repeats and practices. It’s so cute. However he always says his words the next time. So we teach again. I like it. My host mother said me “It’s funny that you are teaching him English.” One day, maybe he will teach me English. But I hope not. Therefore I want to study English harder. I love him. He is my little brother.

I'm Tomoyo

I’d like to write about my home stay's three children. They have one boy and two girls. The boy is six years old. The oldest girl is four years old and the youngest girl is fifteen month. Two older children are always too noisy. They always said “please make to me something”. Baby is cute but when I return to the house the baby comes and she tags after me everywhere I go. If I close the door, she cries. These days she cries when someone calls her name and she runs away so I think it is a little funny. They are very cute but sometimes they make me tired, but they make me happy so I love them.

By Tomoyo.

I'm Kensuke.

One of my hobbies is reading. Sometimes I forget the time, and I feel I can do everything in the stories. For example, travel in space, go to the past, become a spy and the like. I can be existent as a protagonist, an extra character or a narrator in the stories.

Books make an impossible story possible. So writers can make any stories, and books can change everything in the stories. But of course, if it is too impossible, readers will not be interested.

By Kensuke.

I'm Miho

I’d like to write about my host family. I love them. I changed host families 5 months ago. I was anxious about the relationship with a new family when I changed. But my anxiety was dispelled because they were friendly to me. The sister is 9, the brother is 4, the mother is 33, and the father is 33. THe mother and sister are real talkers. They’re always talking. The father loves bikes and he does most of the housework. The brother is very naughty. They’re such a funny family.

Hong Kong

Name: Ray Date: 12-10-06

Hong Kong and Australia

Hong Kong is a famous city. You can see a people everywhere. But compared with Australia, it has many differences. The biggest difference is people's habits Eg: Bed time and food . Also Australia's population is sparse. Shopping centres also close too early. So I love Hong Kong.

About my school

IGS is a first secondary school in Queensland it was built in Ipswich. There are many Asians like Chinese, Hong Kong at this school.
There are many of the sports you can join in at Ipswich Grammar School. Like swimming, tennis, basketball, soccer, and rugby. You can get more information on the Internet.

By Edward

I'm Rina.

Date: 12/10
Name: Rina Higuchi

My number

Do you want to be number one in your friend’s mind or the mind of your special person? I don’t want to be number one in my friend’s mind. Right now, I think I can’t become number one in my friend’s because I’m not a special person so I don’t care if my number is one million in my friend’s mind. Some people say “I think your idea is negative.” But I don’t think so. If my number is last in my friend’s mind, I could join my friend’s best things. I can feel happy about that.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hello I am Rei.

I am a Kylie's class student. It is about six weeks since I came to Australia. I have adjusted myself to my new way of life. But I am still missing some things, so I will have my parents send me them.

Not everyting is good. I have lost my cash card. I got confused about it last night. I have to get another cash card. I will be careful about losing it again because I am sometimes very careless.

By Rei

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